Stop figuring out.

Stop figuring out.

How many times did you find yourself in the situation when you do not know how to do something? Or what you should do in your life? Usually, in such moments you try to convince everyone around that you do know what to do and how to do stuff. When in reality you wonder, what and how to proceed. You sit and realise, sometimes with panic, that you have no clue what to do.

As I was saying last time the best way is to entrust all that to the Universe. God, Higher Instance, choose what name is more appealing for you. But what you might do instead, as I was usually doing. You might say: – Yes, I am believing that the Universe will help me. And then you start to wonder how to do the thing.

It is similar to the situation when you call the IT expert to fix your computer. And then when he/she comes, you put him/her aside stand in front of the issue and with panic you are looking at it and saying you do not know what to do. The guy or lady, the expert is just beside you. But your proud, do not allow you to use his/her knowledge, experience, skills. O yes, you got this.

Same with trusting the Universe. You say, I am trusting, but then your actions actually said, I got this, do not help me. I will figure this out, somehow. And the Universe answer is, – OK, You got this. I am leaving for you. I am stepping aside.

My advice. Stop to trying figure things out. If you do not know how to do something. Leave that to the greater powers, allowing them to take care of this. Trust, and you will see that everything will be alright. Believe, that those greater powers, will take care of everything and will not let you lose.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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