Stop fixing everything, just because you can.

Stop fixing everything, just because you can.

Some people have a tendency to fix things. And this actually a very good ability, to be able and willing to fix something. However, there are things, situations that can not or are not worthy to be fixed. Yet, those fixers, stubbornly, put a lot of their time and energy, to patch it up. To prove to the world that they can do it. They can repair anything, and everything. It does not matter if that thing is not used, or sometimes, even after repairing, it can not be used anymore. It does not matter, that they spend, like hours, days even, to find, how to perform the whole fixing operation. This time and energy, in their opinion, does not count. Does it really?

The ability to fix things is great and can be, and it is, useful. And if you possess it, it is awesome. Congratulations! I never was good nor interested in gaining this skill. Yes, I do like to try myself and fix something, but I would not say, that I am a fixer. How about you? Do you like to fix things? Are you interested in repairs? And I mean not only like repairing, sink, electric socket, radio, house or car. Do you also like to fix your or other people lives? In that last thing, we are pretty good, right? In seeing and advising others what they must do, to have a better life, right? A little less in recognising or rather, admitting areas where you could improve, your life.

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But this is not the point. As was said earlier, it is good to see and be able to repair, either physical things or some aspects of your life. It is a quite desirable skill. Yet, it can make you waste a lot of time and energy, if you will try to fix, everything around you. Just because you think you can fix it. Or you hold to that thing because of some sentiment. Or maybe, you are afraid, of not being able to find something for replacement. The point is, to be able to recognise and, sometimes, has the mental power, to let go of things, that are not worth it, to be repaired. Things that can be easily replaced, or maybe even just removed, from your life, as you might not need them at all.

So whenever you see the opportunity, to show your repairing skills. Look at that thing first and think, is it worth it, to spend countless hours, on fixing it? Or maybe easier and more efficient, would be to replace this item, belief or “friendship”, with a new one. One, that would be better and more beneficial for you. When you train yourself in this, you could be surprised, how much time and energy you saved. Energy and time, that now, you can use to transform your life. To maybe learn something new. Or build your own business, your own brand. Or to create a better relationship with your partner and kids. There are many opportunities around you, in which you could use your saved time. The choice is yours, do you still want to waste it on fixing everything, no matter the cost. Or you would like to use it to transform and enhance your life experience.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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