Stop hiding yourself.

Stop hiding yourself.

You might not know everything. You might not be able to do something. You are missing some knowledge about some activities. Maybe you do not know how to produce an application. Or how to fix leaking sink. But you might have had knowledge of how to grow vegetables. Or how to build a house. You are a strong and smart person. You have a lot of knowledge in some areas. And you know how to use it. It is your gift. Your great abilities and skills.

Thing is that you might be afraid or uncomfortable to show it to the outside world. Why is that? I understand you might think that people will be pointing at you. Laughing or saying you are some sort of a freak. This kind of thinking is very common. Everyone at some point in life feels this way. Or have this kind of thoughts. And that is ok, that is normal. Just now, when you have that knowledge, do you still want to stuck with those thoughts and feelings?

You might. You can. And if that is what you want, that’s fine. It is your life, at the end of the day. Though, you might ask yourself, what are you getting from that kind of thinking? Is this way of action giving you something good, positive? Are you grow somehow, thinking this way? Is this helping you to be a better person? To become the best version of yourself? Is it not that you are trying to undermine yourself? Is this makes you feel good? Is this makes you enjoy your life truly?

Look into yourself. Deep into your heart, for the answers for those questions. From them, from those answers depends on your future happiness and real enjoyment in your life. How is that, You might ask? As you know already, you have great and unique skills, abilities and wisdom. You just need to understand that you are as worthy, like any other person in the world. You are equally important. You successfully dealt with many difficult tasks in your past. And you do not need to hide and play a weak person, a victim.

You can show up your true self. You can safely express your thoughts and feelings. You deserve to be prised. To be loved and appreciated. You are great in this what you know and like to do. It is your strength. You are passionate, creative, wise and focused person when you choose a task, that is in alignment with you. Believe in this. Stop hiding yourself, your skills and talents from yourself. Others do not have to know them or award you. The most important is, that you know that. And you prise yourself and use your talents the best way you can.

Blessings upon you, my friend.


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