Stop overworking yourself.

Stop overworking yourself.

A lot of people have a tendency to focus on their work so much, that they forget to enjoy the time outside of it. They even have the kind of overwhelming sensation, that no matter how much they work, no matter how many hours they spend doing their job, how many tasks they have done. It is still not enough. They think, that they could do more. And so they do. They stay longer hours, working to silence these feelings, these thoughts, of not being productive enough. Even when they go out, go back home, their thoughts are still in their workplace. Meeting with friends or family? Sure thing, let me just finish this or that. Going out? No problem, we can talk about a new great opportunity or product or service or about work in general.

Are you that kind of person? Do you always think about your work? About what you need to do? What tasks do you need to tackle? It was said many times, so I am not inventing the wheel here. But I need to say that, just in case you did miss this earlier. This kind of behaviour, this racing to do more, to be more productive, more effective and so on. This will lead you just to being burned out, feeling exhausted, dissatisfied, depressed and unhappy. It might have severe consequences on your health, relationships and family. Now, I know, that you have tons of explanations and excuses, why you are doing this. Why are you acting this way. And I am sure, those are very legit in your eyes.

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However, I want you to stop for a second and think. Is that what you really want? Is it something that makes you feel happy? Satisfied? Fulfilled? Do you really believe that this is the way it must be? That this is the way life is? And needs to be? That it is the only way and can not be changed? Is that what you believe in? Is that what you want to believe? What are you getting from this kind of beliefs? How this, improve your life? Is it make it better, easier? Or, no matter how much you work, how much effort you put, how many hours you spend, you always feel that this is not enough. Do you feel stress, tension and anxiety?

Well, I have sad news for you. This kind of feeling will remain and will be worst and worst. Unless you realise, that this is not a healthy attitude and decide to change this. It is only you who can do something about that. The thing is, do you want to? How can you do this? First, make the decision that you want a better life, you deserve a better and happier life. Secondly, when you working, avoid multitasking, focus on the job in front of you and do it till the end. Finally, after work go for a walk, but be present in this. Look around you. The best would be to go to some park or other place surrounded by nature. However, if that’s not possible, nourish the environment you are walking through. Talk with someone outside the work about anything else than work. Lastly, be grateful for the gift of life and smile at yourself and the people you meet.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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