Stop pleasing others.

Stop pleasing others.

People are always looking for acceptance, approval of others. We just need that. We just crave to be liked by people in our vicinity. No matter if that actually makes us behave, the way we are not accepting ourselves. The ways we are not happy with.

That urge to be accepted is so huge in some circles, that makes some to completely forgot about themselves.

We stopping ourselves from doing things, sharing our gifts with others cause we have a voice in our mind always asking one question. What others will think about me if I do this or that?

If that is your way of living, but you get exhausted of that, I have great news for you. People do not think or care, about you so much as you might think. They mostly focus on themselves. Secondly, no matter what you will do, there always will be a group that will disapprove you.

There is a saying, that no one has been born yet to please everyone. So, stop worrying and start to do your thing. Share your gift with the world. Look for people who will like you and want you, just because you are yourself.


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