Stop talking, start acting.

Stop talking, start acting.

You might have a great vision for your future. A great plan, for what you are going to do. An amazing idea, that will help people, that will make you feel satisfaction from your life and achievements. And, let’s not forget about that, this will make you rich and famous. You talk about that all the time. You spend hours of explaining your idea to others. You are living in this idea. You are emotionally, very attached to it. Yet, you just talk about it. You talk about that so much, that you, do not have anymore, time and energy, to actually, do anything about your plan. This is not good. Don’t you think?

It is great to have a plan, a fabulous and clear vision of what you want, what you like to achieve. This a very good thing. Though, it will not change anything, if you will just spend your days, dreaming of it, talking about it. If you will not plan of how you want to start with your vision. If you will not make the first step toward it, and then next one and next one. If you leave the idea just in your head, allowing it to grow there and not letting it out. If you will focus on the obstacles that are on your path to it. If you will just see the things, that you need. Things that, you might be missing, to proceed. This does not help you, isn’t it?

Focusing on those things your plan require, yet you do not have them yet, will just slow you down. Or even stop you on your path. Yes, you might not have all the assets or skills to proceed with your plan. You might be in the wrong business or have a job not really align with your goal. You might not have many things that you would need to smoothly and quickly, make your vision alive. Though the thing for you to understand is, of course, you need them. Of course, would be great to have them, and those would make the whole process easier. And most likely faster. Yet, you miss them. What can you do? Oh well, you can still just talk about your plan.

Stop. Think. Yes, you miss some resources or abilities. So what? Is your vision worth some effort to be brought to the world? Is your vision strong enough to give you power, inspiration and motivation? Is your willingness to make it real, strong enough to make it happen? So, what can you do to find those missing pieces? What can you do to gather them? Can someone help you with this task? Or maybe, you are completely alone, on this planet? Are you powerless? What steps can you make that will bring you closer to your vision? Is there anything at all you can do? So, when you want to do it? When will you start? I believe you can make your vision real, I believe, you can do it. Do you?

Blessings upon you my friend.


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