Stress, deal with that predator.

Stress, deal with that predator.

I hope this is not true in your case, though, our environment, work, lifestyle, relations, often generate a lot of stressful situations. Because of that, you might find yourself being stressed nearly all the time. Surprisingly, recently I met with a few people, who said that this is just a normal thing. That this is the way, their, and by this, the whole society, life is. That this is a natural thing, to live in constant stress. And that humanity just needs to accept this way and live with it. I don’t know what you think about that, but I do not want to live this way. I had a period in my life when for a few months, nearly a year I was living in constant stress. And it cost me a lot. Me, myself, I do not want to go through this again.

If you do not want this as well, let’s think for a few minutes, how we can deal with this monster together. Where the stress come from? Well, surely you have heard, that it was a self-defence mechanism, of the first people. Its purpose was to increase the level of adrenalin, to prepare an individual to either fight or flight. But only, when some danger occurs. To give a power, this kind of burst of energy to overcome the difficulty. But it was just temporary. You, your body, your whole system is not prepared to deal with continuous stress. Many types of research prove that. this is very unhealthy and dangerous, both for your physical, as well as mental health.

However, life now creates a lot more situations, increasing and holding you in a stress state. Your work, relations, finances, global disasters, politics, terrorism and so on, contribute to this. So, what can be done? What you can do? How can you deal with stress? How can you avoid it or at least cope with it better? First of all, check what is your belief about stress. Do you think, that constant stress is something normal and natural? That, it is the way life is and needs to be? If so, I want you to take a piece of paper and write on it, answers to a few questions. Why do I need constant stress in my life? Do I really like to feel this way? How this impacts my life, health, relations with friends, family and co-workers? Knowing about the negative effects of constant stress, do I still want it in my life?

Now, look at those answers. Read them again and think, would you not enjoy your life more, if you could reduce that stress? Would your life experience, your relations not benefit, if you would be more relaxed? Would your health not benefit from that as well? If you would like to reduce your stress level, be more resilient to the stress, you could try following simple solutions. Prepare yourself for it, by exposing yourself to mildly stressful conditions, so your body will learn, how to manage stress more efficiently. You can sign up yourself for some social programs and activities that can help you with that, like camps, training and so on. Find someone who was in a similar situation and overcome it. Exercising, preferably outdoor, provide your body with endorphins which are mood-boosters.

Meditation is another great tool, that helps rest and reset your mind. Another great thing is to write journals. Simply, putting on the paper things that are bothering you, remove power those have, being just in your head. Lastly, seek the support of your friends and family. You might also spend time with animals, as it is proven, that pets are a source of stress relief. Or give support to those who need it. This way, you take out your attention, from your causes of stress. Helping others helps you to relax and, most of the time, the unexpected answer to your issue, just comes with this activity. Even simply just listen to somebody and comfort this person, can make a huge difference and reduce your stress. And this is what I wish you. A happy, stress-free life, one that you will love.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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