Stress – your dreams assassin.

Hello, Tribers. How stressful would you say is your life? What stress is doing with your dreams and goals? Why would you continue this? Do you like to stop? Would you like to know how? Let’s try us find this together, shall we?

What is stress?

The dictionary definition of stress contains many smart meanings for this word. One of them is, that it is the feeling of being overwhelmed or unable to cope with mental or emotional pressure. Well said. You might feel this way, approaching a new person or someone who has a higher, in your eyes, position in a hierarchy. Or starting a new project, something that you have never done before. Something very challenging. Or worrying about not hitting the deadlines.

There are many reasons for feeling stress. And our environment delivers tons of them on a regular basis. Stress is actually called by some people disease of our times. Even a very simple thing, like hearing the notification ping on your phone, might make you experience it. God forbid if you forget your phone at home. You might think of many more examples for sure. And I could list many more examples. But, I am sure, you get the point. We live in a world where we, ourselves, create many circumstances that increase the level of stress,

Thou, recently, I have read one more meaning of stress. In the book “Secret – teachings for every day” Rhonda Byrne says, that stress is nothing else as lack of faith. She gives a simple example to demonstrate that. When you look at things, you would like to have, usually, you might focus on the simple fact, that you don’t have them. And if you trying to get those things for a long time, without results, you might start to lose faith, that you will acquire them. What do you feel at such a moment? Is it not that this absence makes you stressed?

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Why would you want to stop this mad circle?

What would you answer for this question? What, in your opinion might make you want to remove it from your life? Is stress something you need in your life? Do you like it? Maybe you enjoy it? Surely it is something, that is very important for you, to include in your life, right? I hardly believe that. Would you rather not want to release yourself of it? Remove it from your life? To enjoy a stress-free life. Full of satisfaction, relaxed life. Wouldn’t this be better?

Feeling stress, especially for a long time, is not good. Besides a whole bunch of health issues, that it may cause, through the emotional poor wellbeing, stress also will move you away from your goals. It will all the time show you, nearly throw at your face, the feeling of lack of something you desire. Felling of being a loser, undeserving of any good thing. This feeling will just escalate, accordingly to the time, you spend stressing about not having achieved your goals.

I believe, that this vision is not really appealing to you. That you do not really enjoy that kind of perspective for yourself. You, as we all, want to attract to your life only the good things, right? You want to reach your goals and lead a happy and satisfying life, isn’t it? And you will. You are on this planet to enjoy your life. To feel good about it, to be satisfied and happy. And for this purpose, we need to find out, what can you do with this dream assassin.

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How can you remove stress from your life?

When doing research, on how you can eliminate or at least reduce the amount of stress in your life, you might encounter many different methods. Even some items and devices, that can help you with this task. If they work, well, that depends. They will if you will believe they work. If not, if you will be doubting in them, or even worst if you will say, that you are resistant to this and any other methods. They would most likely not work. How do I know? I was like that for many years.

Yet, at some point, when literally nothing works on me. When I spend countless hours and lots of money on finding some help, solutions to the things I was not happy with within my life. Not only stress but some other things as well. I realise, that nothing can work for me, because I do not allow it. It was like splitting out the health potion someone was giving me. When I understand this, I asked myself – What good would happen, if I would lower my guard and allow this cure, technique to work?

Please, ask yourself the same question. What good would happen, if I would make the decision to be open, to accept and let myself be healed from stress? Or any other thing in that matter. If you do this. If you allow yourself for this kind of exposure, at this moment you do not need to spend huge money on anything. The simples things, such as walking in the park or in the forest, on the beach or anywhere in nature you like, meditation, listening to relaxing music and so on, will make miracles to your relaxation level. You do not have to believe me. I am just asking you to give it a go with an open mind and heart.


We spoke today about definitions of stress, what it does to you and your goals, you know why would you may want to remove it from your life and how you can do it.
I would also like to ask you, to share your thoughts and feelings about this material in the comments. I will read and respond to all of them.

In any case, you would like to know more or need some support, I would love to help you with this. Just drop me a message in the comment section.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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