Take care of distractions.

Take care of distractions.

Doing something might be challenging. Especially now, in these times. Where there are so many distractions around. You sit at your work and then, you remind yourself to check some information on the internet. Well, it is important, you need to check it. So, you jump to the browser, just to check that information. Two hours later you caught yourself watching some online show. Or doing online shopping. Or playing some new fascinating online game. Does it sound familiar? You sat at some task, then your brain slips a thought about something important to do. Then something else, and something else and so on and so forth. Your work is not done, your day is nearly finished, and you are exhausted.

Well, in our world you can and most likely you are experiencing a high volume of distractions. In our times everyone wants to get your attention. Convincing you this is the one and only moment you can act. That if you will not act now you will miss your life chance. You will miss the great opportunity. So you might follow from one of the distraction to another. Trying to follow up. To catch up with all of the things. You do not want to miss anything in your life. So you run and run. Jump from one thing to another. Losing your focus. Losing your goal from your sight. And, yes, losing a lot of time and energy on things that not actually give you anything in return. Well, maybe a bit of entertainment.

Don’t get me wrong. Fun, pleasure and relax are very important things in life. We need them and we deserve them. Thanks to them we can charge ourselves up. To be ready and willing to do the work. Though, you need to remember, that there is a time for everything. And everything in life needs to be in balance. You cannot work all the time as you will just burn yourself out. Same you cannot all the time relax and have a fun time, as after a while it will not be fun anymore. You need to have a balance between those two. To have a purposeful and pleasant life. This is the little secret of being happy and enjoy your life.

So, now what can you do with all those distractions around? Well, if those are like distracting and intrusive thoughts of “important” things to do, you might want to have a notebook or sticky notes beside you to write it down. And leave it for later, saying to yourself – I take care of this later. Now for an hour, or whatever time you set yourself, I am giving my whole attention to this task I have in front of me. If those distractions come from outside, like notifications on your mobile or popup on the monitor, You might want to switch off your mobile into aeroplane mode for the time you want to work. You might want to use some software on your computer that is blocking all that kind of things for a preset time. Just that you will be able to focus 100% of your attention on the work at hand. And do the job quickly and efficiently.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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