Take revenge on the failure.

Take revenge on the failure.

How many times did you fail? I’m just guessing now, but I can bet, that it was many many times. That how our life goes. We are failing one time after another. This is maybe not the best, not the most inspiring thing to learn, I know. Though, this is the truth. There is no human being, that does not fail at all. There is a saying that, “the one who’s not failing, is the one who does nothing”. Another good one is, “If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you will never come up with something original”. Ken Robinson. Our life is meant to be one, big failure. However, do not feel discouraged or depressed because of that. The thing is that you have great power within you. Power to take revenge on every failure. And you can do this. Yes, you can take revenge. And this is actually the only case when you should look for revenge. Revenge on your failure. Any other case is not a good thing.

So, what this taking revenge on failure means? Well, as you probably already guess, you can have your revenge, when you learn from your failure and get up and try again. Your success will be your revenge. You, as all of us, are meant to fail, as this is the only way you can learn and transform yourself. And at the same time, you transforming your environment and life, making it better and more abundant. Of course, you do not have to agree with this. You might say that to have success you just need to, for example, study a lot. Gather all knowledge possible before you move on, for your success. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. What if you want to create or discover something new. Something that does not yet exist. Maybe there is not enough knowledge out there to achieve this. Maybe there is no knowledge about that at all. What then?

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Now, I know how all of this can sound to you. It is, at first, not the most motivating idea, that you will fail. Maybe it sounds a little depressing and discouraging too. You, as we all, want to have a successful and happy life, right? You do not want to fail and feel disappointment, sadness and frustration. Those are not feelings you might wish in your life. No one wants it. Though this is the way, the world works. Look at all great inventions. Do a little research, how many times all of the inventors, creators, fail before they actually finished their work and give their invention to the outside world. The most popular example is Thomas Edison, who fails more than ten thousand times before he made the light bulb. All of the creators know, that there is a very slight probability, that their invention will work from the first time.

The thing is, that all those great creators, did not focus on failure. They accept it. Analyse-it. Draw conclusions from it and then move their focus to the next attempt. They knew the secret, that each of those failures is just a lesson, giving them important knowledge. That every failure brings them closer to the goal. They knew this and were determined to get their revenge and achieve their goal. That what those inventors were focused on. That’s what all inventors are focusing on. And this is my friend the truth you need to acknowledge. Yes, whatever is you want to achieve, you will fail many times on your path to this. Do not focus on this though. Draw conclusions, analyse all outcomes, adjust your doing and go for your revenge and for your success.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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