Taking care of impatient thoughts

Taking care of impatient thoughts

Sometimes you might have a feeling of being overwhelmed by thoughts. They might be very intrusive. It’s no a big deal if its just one thought and you are not in the middle of something.

However, often happens that one by one, thoughts coming to you, demanding your attention. Usually when you quite busy with something that requires your full concentration.

You might feel helpless, powerless when this happens. The worst is to start taking care of those ideas straightaway as they come. This way, you will be jumping, from one to another, with the impression of rising chaos, in your mind and heart.

The solution that works in my case is to, take a second to notice that thought. Kind of like saying to it

– I see you. I know you’re important. I will give you time, but for now, I am sending you to a safe place. Just wait for me there.

Then I am making a short note about the thing that idea reminds me.

Thoughts are kind of messengers of memory and inspiration. They come and impatiently want your attention to be sure you notice and will take care of whatever they remind you.

It is enough if you give them a secured place, where they can wait for their turn. Writing them down, makes them physically appear.

And now you can focus on the important things, and when you will be ready you will come back and do the work the thought reminds you about.


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