Tear down walls.

Tear down walls.

How many walls did you allow to build yourself around your heart? How do I build walls, you might ask? Sadly, most of us are not aware of that. You, me and everyone else, build a wall whenever we judged someone or something. 

You see someone dressed fancy, in your opinion, and straight away you think about that. Instead of seeing what good things that person might be doing. You laugh at charity actions name instead of thinking, that they share goodness, bring hope and help to others.

You might judge and think something along those lines:

  • This is stupid
  • This is bad
  • I will never again meet that person.
  • I will never again say something nice to that person
  • I will never offer to help.

This list might be longer.

The important is that doing this, you are building walls around your heart. You allow your mind to give you explanations, very reasonable ones, and cut you off of the world and people.

This will lead you to one place. To jail of critic judgement of everything and everyone. In result, you will build more walls to hide behind them. The consequence is very unpleasant. You will feel alone, unhappy, alienated. Is that what you want? What can you do to fix this situation? 

Tear down the walls build by your mind. Open your heart. Appreciate every moment of life. Look for goodness in people and their actions. Enjoy your life.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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