The correct way of challenging yourself

The correct way of challenging yourself

It is good from time to time to challenge yourself. For example when you workout, just before the end of it, push a little bit harder. Make a little bit more. Add a little bit more weight.

This kind of challenging reminds you of how wonderful and powerful you are. How great is your body, mind and soul. You see in those moments that you actually have secret energy resources. You might be surprised how huge those resources are.

Of course, you need to listen to yourself, your body. You should not force yourself to do this. This trial should not be done by forcing your body, yourself to do something you do not want to do.

It should come to you simply, as an idea with full approval. If that happens. If, that kind of idea, comes to you. You will straightaway know if it is with your full consent or not. You will just feel that deep inside you.

At that moment you will happily push the boundary a little bit. You will step out of your comfort zone. Build yourself stronger and better.
And for that reasons it is good to challenge yourself, make something a bit bigger, faster, better than usual, and achieve a little bit more.


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