The first day of your life.

The first day of your life.

Let consider the following situation. What if today would be the first day of your life? What would you do? How would you behave then? How would you look at the world around you? Would you not be amazed that it is so wonderful and beautiful? Would you not smile to others, happy that you not alone? Would you not be glad that there is a bus or train that you can use to travel through the city to your work? Would you not be happy that you have a job that allows you to earn money for your needs?

Sometimes, in the fervour of the daily routines, you might, and most likely, you do forget about those simple things. Those things that you take for granted. Like having a job, money, health, food and so on. However, the current world situation shows us all, that we can not be so sure of those simple things, anymore. That the situation is unstable and life changes are inescapable and very common. That is not actually good to take everything for granted.

Yes, it is essential to think positively. And not let the whole pandemic panic to impact your mood. Though, it is important also to notice the little things, that were always around you. But you were too busy, complaining or criticising, sometimes even about them. It might be hard at the beginning to shift your perception, as you were living this way, and in that kind of environment, most likely, for most of your life. This was the way of behaving of your parents, your friends. People, you were meeting every day.

But is that the way you still want to follow? Is this gives you true joy and happiness? Or maybe deep inside you, you feel that this is not actually the style you like or want to live. That you just do this to blend into the society. And that’s ok. I just want you to give it a try and today, for a whole day, look at everything as if you see that for the first time. As if it is your first day of life. Be amazed by all the things around you. Be grateful for not being alone. For having food, clothes and a roof over your head.

Notice the colour of the grass on your walk through the park. The sound of the bird’s songs in the morning. The feeling of droplets of rain, falling on your face. The wonderful smell of perfumes of women just passing by. Taste of your favourite food. If you do not like, that kind of style of living, you can always return to your old habits. Remember though, if you would like to improve your life and try something different, do this little exercise. Do it with an open mind and sincerely spend a whole day, as if it is your first day of life.

Blessings upon you, my friend.


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