The importance of commitment.

The importance of commitment.

In life, you are making a lot of decisions. You decide to wear this kind of clothes, to buy this type of car, to have a bun or scone for a breakfast and so on. Some of those decisions are pretty simple, so you even might not debate about them. You just make them and that’s it. Though, there are moments in life, when you need to make big decisions. Life transforming ones. Like starting a new business. Changing eating habits to healthier. Learning a new language or skill. Starting exercising program. Examples are countless. You might think, about those decisions, for a bit longer, before you decide to engage with them. And this is perfectly fine.

Though sometimes, you make the decision, let say to eat healthier, or to become vegetarian. But you do not actually commit to this with whole your heart. Yeah, you like the whole idea. You understand the benefits you will have from it. Yet, you have a loose commitment. You might think – O well, I will eat healthy foods, veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds. But, if I will feel like having a burger or deep-fried fries, I will have it. Or if my friend will offer me a fizzy drink, I will have it. Do you see where that goes? You are lying to yourself. You are not honest with yourself. And by this, you see yourself constantly failing. This undermines your self-confidence, self-reliability, self-trust. In effect, this conditional commitment will lead you to exhaustion and decreasing your will power.

But what can you do to be more committed? And what profits you will have from that? First of all, you need to be crystal clear, what you want to achieve. Then set a simple and straight strategy, plan how you want to do this. Yes, there might be some obstacles on the road, that you will need to take care of. Though do not worry about them now. Focus on your goal. And on creating a simple and clear plan for it. Remember, that adding complexity make the whole commitment more unreliable. It decreases your chances of success. So avoid that by all means. Being clear of what you want and how you will get it, increase your self-confidence.

In your plan, you might have some pre-configured responses, that are triggered by things threatening your goal. You might also play a little game when some threat appears. And pretend, that the answer or response, is coming from a future you instead of the current you. Being fully committed to your decision saves you from wasting your energy, struggling and revisiting the decision making again. You already know what you want, you know how to get there. It is set in stone, so you know what you will do, how you will respond to the temptation. So, be clear about what you want and how you will get that. Set a simple and precise plan for yourself. Prepare some responses to threats and temptations that might show up. And commit to your plan and goal a hundred per-cent.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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