The law of reflection.

The law of reflection.

Let’s talk today about the law of reflection. What it is? How its work? Can you implement it in your life? If so, how you can apply it in your life? If we take physics, the law simply says, that whatever wave is transmitted on some surface, such as a mirror, will be reflected from it and the angles between those two waves would be equal. I do not want to go deeper into physics, though this is a general concept. The transmitted wave is reflected.

But how this is connected to mentality, spirituality and your interaction with the world? Taking the definition from above, we can convert it into the following one. The world outside is a reflection of your inside. So whatever you think in your head, this is how the world is for you. But how? – you might ask – how the world is reflecting my inside? And what that actually means for me? How this impact my life? Can I use that somehow?

Let see. According to this law, your world is a reflection of your thoughts. So, whatever you are thinking, it actually makes your world, your environment, relationships and so on. Impossible? Well, it might look like this, true. Though, think about some situation, where you were about to do something. When you thought about that, – o this is easy. It was easy, right? On the other hand, if you hold to a thought, – och this is hard, I can’t do it, it will take ages to finish. What happens then? It was exactly like that, isn’t it?

I remember, back in time, there was an official in one office, where I had to report every month. A lot of my co-workers, friends was complaining about this man. That he was rude and unhelpful. I could not understand why, as every time I met him, we spend like an hour, chatting. If I need any help with documents he helps me fill them up. He was always kind and willing to help.

It was a few years later, when I learn about the law of reflection, that I realise why this happens. I was always going into this office with a smile and a strong belief that this officer is a nice man. And that by my smile and friendliness, he will respond the same way. Where my colleagues were going there with thoughts, that this man is just wasting their time, without reason and willingness to help them. And this was exactly what happens.

Subconsciously, we were using the law of reflection. As you are doing all the time. Now, what this means for you? Simple said, if you will look at the world as an unfriendly, hostile place, it will be exactly like that. If you change the way you are thinking about it, by the law of reflection, your whole environment will change to reflect your thoughts. This is how it works.

However, be aware that this might not happen overnight. It might take some time. Especially, if your thought until this point were not too positive. It takes some time to rewrite your subconscious beliefs about that. As from there all your thoughts comes. So, you need to start to look at what you are thinking about yourself, your environment, people around you. And consciously, choose to search for goodness and positive things in everything.

Only this way, by transforming yourself, your thoughts and beliefs, you will transform the world around you. And by the world, I mean everything. Your relationships, your income, health. Everything is dependent on the way you are thinking. Still is that hard for you to believe? One last example. Think about the situation, when you help someone and this person offer you, to pay, for that help. How did you feel about this? Do you say that this was nothing? Did you refuse to take the money? Or maybe you accept just a fraction of the reward, still feeling guilty.

Do you know why you did this? What do you think? Why did you refuse to be rewarded for your time and energy? Exactly this is it. You lost the opportunity to make some money. To be compensated, cause, deep inside, you did not feel worthy for that. Is that right? If you would like to work on this kind of belief or any other beliefs, blocking you from achieving your success, leave me a message here, on FaceBook or LinkedIn. And let us have a chat, to see, if I can help you, to become the best you.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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