The most important question.

The most important question.

People always ask and speculate about this. You might too. It is a question that bothers humanity for ages. Some claim, that they found the answer. Others are still seeking it, denying these solutions. Wanting to find a better answer. More appealing to them. No matter to which group you belong. You either seeking an answer or you are satisfied with the one you found or it was given to you. And that is perfectly fine. If you are satisfied and ok with that kind of approach. But hey, you still might wonder what is that question? What is that, people trying to answer for so long and are not really able to?

You, most likely, suspect what it is and you are probably right? The question is, what for we are here on Earth? What is the purpose of our existence here? Many wise people, throughout human history, was trying to find the answer. With great success. And yet, every next person, coming to this world, is starting this research from the beginning. Did you ever wonder why is that? Why we stubbornly trying to find an answer to the already answered question? Well, the thing is, that you might not agree with the answer found by some philosophers, like Socrates, Nitsche, Marx, Plato and many others. You might wonder that, OK, this is the general kind of answer, but you want one that is yours. That is adequate for your life.

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I am not a philosopher, well, maybe a bit. Though, I want to share my answer to this question. Answer that I found and I think is the simplest and most sensible one. You might, like me and most of the people, trying to look for a complicated solution for a really simple problem. You might overcomplicate your life by this, as I was for a long time. Though, believe me, that life is simple and really straightforward, if you believe in that. And the answer is simple as well. We came here, to simple faithfully fulfil our duties at work, and to enjoy the outcomes of this work. To enjoy our life. To relax and be happy. To simple just be, here and now.

How can you achieve this? What can you do to enjoy your life even more? To find happiness in it? Think if there is something in your life that you would love to do. Your biggest unfulfilled dream. A burning desire for something, that you want to try. And then think why you did not give that to yourself yet? Why you did not feel ready to give it to yourself? What are you waiting for? Make a plan of how can you give that to yourself. Do this today. Now. Look at your week timetable and find in it, space for that. A time that you can reserve for your thing, for yourself. To spend it the way you dream of. The way you always wanted. Give that time to yourself. You deserve that.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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