The perfect human being, does it exist?

The perfect human being, does it exist?

Is there someone perfect? Does someone like that exist? Maybe you know someone like that? There are so many talks about being perfect or at least pursuing perfection. Some might call themselves, or some things in their possession, perfect. But even though they do this, they know this is not the truth. Deep inside, we have imprinted desire to be, act and poses perfect things. Truth is that no one actually is perfect. No one act perfectly. And no item is perfect.

When you realise this, your life will become a bit less stressful. To make it even better, you just need to allow yourself and others to be imperfect. What does that mean? Well, what do you think? What is your opinion on this matter? I am sure your answer is right. Sometimes, in a simple situation, when someone drives unexpectedly, in front of you, on your way to work. Or when you in the queue in the shop, and someone in front of you, can’t make a decision about, what to choose. Or someone starts gossips about a neighbour of yours.

In those kinds of situations, when you see people acting not right, you might get annoyed. Curse them in your thoughts. Or even at laud tell them things that you regret later. This is a widespread way of acting, in our world. So do not punish yourself for doing this as well. Thing is, that now when you know this, you might stop yourself. Look at this from the side and explain to yourself that this person is not perfect. So you can’t expect it will act ideally.

One more thing can help you as well. Remember that, you have no power, over other people thinking and behaving. This is out of your control. When you accept and understand that your life will become much easier. As you will stop expecting, people to be perfect. To always be brisk, concentrated, sure what they want and quick. When you see, these imperfect people next time, you might want to smile, instead of getting annoyed. Why should you allow them to destroy your day and good mood? Give them and yourself as well right, to make mistakes, to be imperfect.

Blessings upon you, my friend.


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