The power of thoughts

The power of thoughts

Ask yourself a question. What do you think in moments when something good happens to you? When you receive something nice? Are you grateful and happy? Or you have a little devil on your shoulder who whispers to your ear – I wonder what will happen now that will cancel out this good thing.

Guess what? If you allow this devil to take over your thoughts. These thoughts will become a reality. Thoughts are very powerful. Napoleon Hill called thoughts a matter. Whenever you allow yourself to focus on something, it will become real.

Of course, don’t expect that it will magically happen in a blink of an eye. They need time to form. Sometimes it takes weeks. Sometimes years are needed. But if you focus on something. If that will be your burning desire.
If you will have strong faith. This thought will finally materialise. It will come to you. It will appear.

Now the good thing is, that you have the power to control what you think. And even when a negative thought appears. The Universe gives you a few seconds gap to reprogram your mind. Reword your thought.
For example, instead of thinking – I am broke. Think – I am overcoming a cash flow issue.

Remember, to always be grateful, for the good things that happen in your life. And shake off that devil from your shoulder.


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