The power of your thoughts, again.

The power of your thoughts, again.

I want to express, again, how much your thoughts are important and powerful. As I was saying in my previous articles, your thoughts have an impact on your feelings and emotions.

If you, for example, worry about something, let’s say it is the end of September and you worry about what to buy for Christmas gifts. You are bringing more and more like thoughts and the same feelings to you.

If you worry about what happened yesterday. What you could do differently. Again you worry so the more like thoughts and feelings will come to you. By the way, I have read about an interesting technique for releasing your stress about something that already happens.

Every evening, before going to bed, think about your day. Be grateful for all goodness. And if there was something you didn’t like or you think you messed up. Just simply recreate that situation in your head. But this time see it as you think it should be.

This method is from the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrnes. If you don’t know it yet, I highly recommend it to get a copy for yourself.

Remember that the universe works with your feelings and emotions. So, if you want to bring something good to you, start thinking about good things. Not only that, start to be grateful as if you already get that thing.

Awaken all positive feelings about having that what you were thinking of. This way you are giving a signal to the universe, that this is what you want and you know it is already yours.

And the universe will respond to your call. Be sure of that. Just sustain positive thoughts. Discard the negative ones. And be sure all good will come to you.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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