The power of unseen forces.

The power of unseen forces.

Our world, our society, rely too much on the things that can be percept by our five senses. Things that we can touch, see, weigh and measure.

Are you like this? Do you believe only in things that can be seen or touched? I was like this for a long time. Even now it is hard for me to believe in some things. Forces that are unseen and intangible.

However, ask yourself, as I have asked myself. Do I believe in gravity? Do I believe in electricity? How about soil? Thanks to its great forces we are provided with food, clothing, money.

Can you understand and explain these forces? Where they come from? What is its real purpose?

If you answer no, do not feel sad about that. None of our greatest minds actually can do this. They learn about small parts of those forces and they discover new facts every day. But they do not know the whole truth.

Point is that we do not have to fully understand those forces. Most important is to believe in their existence and that they can impact our lives. This way or another.

The most powerful of them is the force of your thoughts. Hard to believe? Honestly check with yourself. How many times you were thinking about something and it actually happens? How many times you have a hunch about something and it turns up to be the truth?

Still, you hardly believe it? Do a little exercise. Every evening, before you fall asleep. With whole faith and power repeat to yourself – I am waking up in the morning full of energy, refreshed and happy, ready for a new day. And observe results this affirmation produce.


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