The purpose of life tests

The purpose of life tests

Life love to test people. Will you agree? Just think of all those moments when you had a plan. And then everything goes wrong. Not like you’ve planned.

I am sure you can think about many such situations. In those moments you might think that this was unfair. That life hit you below your belt. Usually, this kind of test really hit in your weak points. It is as if it knew where to hit to make the greatest damage.

Now, you might think about that still this way. And nothing will change. You will still feel in those moments that this unfair. That you were not prepared. It is wrong. That you get cheated, tricked.

However, you might say to yourself – STOP. Life tests me to allow me to discover my strengths. So what a positive thing, at least one, I can find in this situation? What power, I can find in myself? What, I can learn about myself from this situation? How this can help me to become even better?

Focus on finding positives not on the obstacles and you will see that life test you not to show you how weak you are but to show you how strong you are.


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