The way you think about yourself, is important.

The way you think about yourself, is important.

In what way, you are thinking about yourself? In what way, you are thinking about your skills, knowledge, intelligence, even your appearance? Are your thoughts are positive or negative? Do you appreciate yourself? Do you feel grateful for all your achievements? Do you like yourself? Do you like your body, your wisdom, your skills? Do you often prise yourself and show appreciation to yourself? Or maybe, you penalize yourself for every single mistake, flaw and imperfection you see in yourself? What is your way of looking and thinking about yourself? And why is that important?

When you answer the above questions you will clearly see how glad, or not, you are that you are here. If you were honest with yourself answering those questions, you see what kind of thoughts and feelings, you have for yourself. If they are positive, that’s great. That’s amazing and very good for you. However, if happen they mostly negative, well, now you are at least aware of that. Earlier you might not realise all those thoughts, simply by not paying attention to them. You might not be aware that you have that kind of thoughts and feelings to yourself. But now, because of that awareness, you might do something to change this.

But why would you want to do this? You might wonder. Well, do you like this kind of state of mind? This kind of feelings? Yes? Ok. Fine. I’m done here then. However, if you do not like it I can give you even more reasons to want to change this. Being happy and appreciative of yourself makes you feel good. Makes you want to be active and do something to feel even better. Your stress level goes down. You feel the energy flowing through you. Giving you power and willingness to live and act. Thinking positive thoughts about yourself, boost up your mood. Makes you want to take care of yourself and, as result, improve your life. Don’t you want that? Don’t you want to have a better and happier life? Don’t you want to feel good every day?

So what can you do to have this? Well, you know that, don’t you? You know the answer, how can you improve your mood, isn’t it? Though I will give you some extra ideas, how can you improve it even more. If you use an alarm on your smartphone, to wake you up, set it to a sound that you like. It might be a song that makes you feel good. Or sounds of nature. When you wake up, before you get up, start to think about, how grateful you are, as you get another beautiful day. Arise that feeling in you, praising for health you have, for food that you have, for the coffee or tea you have. And so on. Eat healthy food and drink plenty of water, as those are really important, yet unappreciated aspects, having also impact on your mood. Exercise or at least go for a walk. And look at the beauty of the world. Appreciate your efforts in anything you are doing. Prise yourself for every achievement. Be good for yourself and see how the universe is giving you more and more things to be happy.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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