The World – friendly or hostile place?

The World – friendly or hostile place?

The world is a beautiful and perfect place, would you agree? Why not? O, ok. In your opinion, it is dangerous, unhappy and unfriendly? How so? What makes you think like that? O, right. You have some tough encounters in your life. Someone robs you or deceived you? You have a lot of debs, bills to pay. You might have a job, you do not like. Your finances are a disaster. This list might be very long. Yeah, really it looks like, for you, the world is a hostile place. At least from your point of view. And I get you. I completely do. I was seeing the world this way for years.

Thou, one day, I have heard and then I have read a sentence by Albert Einstein. “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.” And I start to wonder about its meaning. I start to look for more information. And found a lot. Most of them are here in this blog. I have used many of them as topics in my posts. I wrote my understanding of them. Thou, I do not claim that it is an absolute right one. I do not say that this is the way you need to start to think. I am showing you my way of understanding all of my findings. You have free will to read them and modify them in a way that will be more suitable for you.

But, let us come back to Einstein words. You are given free will to chose. To make your mind and decide on everything related to your life. You just need to be brave enough to make that decision with all consequences attached. You might still look at the world as a hostile environment, that wants just harm you, disappoint you and make you unhappy. And by the law of attraction, it will be like that. You will invite all things and events that will prove this theory. Thou, do you really want that? Do you really need that? What for? What is the reason, you are summoning all that bad stuff into your life? Why do you punish yourself What sins you did in the past that you still believe you need to be punished for?

Well, those are the questions you need to find answers to, in yourself. However, do not focus too much on this. Take a pen and paper and write those questions and any other that will come into your mind. Write answers to those questions. And then burn them, releasing yourself from that burden. Next, make a new resolution. Decide, for your own goodness and happiness, to see the world as a friendly and wonderful place. Make that choice and start to really look around for beautiful things. Things that make you happy, smile and feel good. Lookout and focus on all positive and motivating events. And by the law of attraction, you will bring and have more and more of them in your life.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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