There is a treasure, behind all your struggle

There is a treasure, behind all your struggle

From time to time we all have a bad day. We have enough of everything. We want to quit, give up. We think life is unfair to us. Others have better, easier, simpler lives.

In a moment like this think about great people, such as:

  • Edison – who fail more than 10 000 times, before he succeeds with his light bulb
  • Beethoven who was deaf, yet he became a great compositor
  • Dickens who tragically lost his first love, before he became a great writer,

Just to mention a few of them.

All of them had a bad start and pass through many heartbreaking struggles before they succeed in life.

Knowing this, remember two things:

Firstly, no one ever is defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality.

Secondly, that behind all struggle in life, there is hidden a great treasure.

The only duty required of you. The only action you need to perform is to get up once more. Hold to your vision a bit longer.

This way you will achieve your goal. Whatever it is that you desire.

You will get that great treasure, hidden behind that struggle you going through.


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