Thought patterns.

Thought patterns.

What kind of thought pattern do you have coded in you? What is a thought pattern? Well, it is something that was imprinted in you in your early years and you use that in different situations. Let take that example. Someone will say – You look beautiful. Three different people will react in three different ways.

One will smile with happiness and say – Thank you. As these person patter is telling that it is nice to be complimented. The second person will blush, lower head and retreat. This person though pattern says that it needs to be invisible otherwise it will be punished. The third one will frown forehead, look at the complimenting person suspiciously. This person thought pattern says – I can’t be liked, and the other person for sure want something from me. This is just business.

All those patterns depend on the environment you were growing up and people surrounding you. You observe them and learn how the world is operating. Those patterns are still valid, even though you save them years back. This is because you, most likely, never thought about them. Never question them. Their authenticity. And you never thought you are able and allow to change them. And you are.

So now, armed in that new knowledge, look at your thought patterns with a new, fresh eye. What kind of thinking starts in different situations. Is this the way you REALLY want to think and what goes after, feel? If necessary update those patterns, override them. You can do that be patiently repeating new pattern day by day.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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