Thoughts create your reality.

Thoughts create your reality.

Did you notice that whenever you are expecting something bad to happen it usually happen? When you expect that something will go wrong it will. How many times you said, after something happens, that you knew that you feel that this will come. You, as a lot of people, might be focusing too much, on the bad things, that might happen. And you know what? They will happen. Cause you are expecting them. And by the law of attraction, you are inviting them into your life. You might not be aware of this, though this is how the things show up in your life.

But do you need that? Do you want that? Do you want bad things to happen? Do you want more unfortunate events to come into your life? Honestly, is that something necessary in your life? Some thrilling experience, you need to have? I can bet you don’t want that. Even more, you do not need this, right? So, why are you focusing on this so much? On things, you do not want. Why are you sacrifice so many of your thought to this subject? Why you use so much of your energy to think about that, to expect that something will go wrong? This does not have any sense, would you not agree? Yet, you were doing this. Most of us do. And all of us, you to, attract that stuff into our lives.

So, what can you do about that? Is there any way to avoid those unwanted and unhappy events and things? You know already, that answer is yes. Moreover, I am sure you know what can you do about that too. You are absolutely right. To remove those events from your life you need to replace the bad thoughts and expectations with good ones. This is the only way. Instead of the above, start to think and expect good things in your life. Start to exercise yourself in positive thinking. Yes, you can exercise your thinking, by simple fill your thoughts with happy and positive ones. Until now, you probably were not aware of this. You might have some feeling that you are doing something not the right way. Though now you know that for sure and you know what steps you need to take to change this.

So, what it gonna be? Would you still focus on unwanted events? On being unhappy, unlucky? Or you change this, consciously changing your focus, your expectations and your thoughts? Look for things that make you happy and appreciative. Start your day by thanking for being healthy, having house, job, or even so small thing like having a tasty coffee. Find reasons to feel good, to laugh, to be satisfied. Look for beauty, hope and goodness in everything. This will make you stronger, this will heal you from the inside. This will make you want to act. And most importantly this will start to bring more things to be happy and grateful into your life. This will change your whole world, your whole reality. And this is what I am wishing you from bottom of my heart.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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