Today’s TODO’s.

Today’s TODO’s.

You might hear everywhere, from all mentors, tutors, coachers to have a goal. To focus on the end effect. To live and breath in your dream. And this is great and right. This makes you focus on the thing you want to achieve.

However, in this kind of thinking is hidden great danger. What kind? Let say, you want to learn some new skill. Let it be cooking. You have a vision of you having a great and famous restaurant or working in one. You might see yourself as an another Gordon Ramsay or Pierre Gagnaire, admired by the whole world.

You start to cook, make some meals from different recipes. Or mixing ingredients, experimenting with taste and smell. Yet, you just start and meals you prepare might not taste great. They might not present nicely on the plate.

You start losing your faith in becoming a great chef. You might start to think that this might be not for you. That you never will be so good. That you are worthless. A failure. You criticise, maybe even punish, yourself without understanding one significant thing.

No matter what your dream is. Becoming a great chef, a famous piano player, a brilliant drifter. You name it. It will not happen over the night. Those people spend years to master their skills. Day by day, doing one little step, toward their goal.

So, now, be still focused on your goal. Remember, though, to be more concentrate on these little things you need to do, practice, now to achieve it. As this is equally important. To have a clear vision and, at the same time, do those little steps toward it.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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