Train yourself in positive thinking.

Train yourself in positive thinking.

There are many training plans to keep you fit. To make your body look great. To help you maintain good weight and health. Some of them can help you trim down, other bulk up. It is a quite important part of living. Your mind needs exercises as well, a bit different type though. You cannot use weights for that. So, how can you train your mind? What kind of exercises are available for this? Why you actually need to train your mind? And what it actually means?

Well, actually, you exercise your mind all the time, even if you are not aware of this. You do this by reading, watching, learning about things. You are exercising your mind by doing stuff, by touching, by seeing, listening, smelling. You exercise your mind all the time. Every information you receive from your environment is a form of exercise. Though not everyone is a good one. Not everyone allows you to actually grow and become better. Some of them are very damaging to you. They block you on your path to self-improvement. They might even destroy your confidence. Imply fear or distrust to yourself, your abilities or to the world and other people.

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For example, you might have thought that you are not good enough. That you are worst and less worth than other people. Or you feel fear that you not fitting in and will be rejected by society, family or friends cause you might think or feel something different. Or you doubt yourself your abilities to be able to do something, to proceed with your plans and goals. Or you distrust others, believing that they want to cheat you, exploit you, use you. This and many other similar scenarios are not good for you, don’t you think? So what can you do about that? How can you train your brain?

Firstly, you need to accept, that you have had that kind of things and feelings. Do not fight with that as this just will build resistance and make it harder to train. Then you need to decide that you want to do this, train your mind. That you have enough of feeling and thinking in the old way. Consciously replace these fears and negative thought you have in you with positive ones. That makes you feel good. That motivates you. That inspire you. Let say you feel worthless. The exercise for your mind could be, to, every time this thought appear, say to yourself – Yes, I believed in that in the past. But NOW I know that I am important, I am worthy. This is my new motto. I am equally important and equally as important as anyone else.

You can do the same with all your fears and unwanted, negative thoughts. You are a master of your thoughts, not the other way around. You can decide what thought you want to have and if the unwanted will appear, you are in power to consciously replace it with one that you want. This way you train yourself. You exercise your mind to be positive. To be on the positive wave and to makes you have a positive attitude to the world and yourself. You free yourself from thoughts that weigh you down. You create a better future and an amazing life for yourself. A Life you desire and deserve.

Blessings upon you my friend.


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