Troubled times, really?

Troubled times, really?

A lot of people now, are panicking and losing a lot of energy, on worrying too much, about the times we are live in. About the pandemic, prices, Brexit, jobs and so on. The list continues. The popular is a statement that we are living in troubled times. Whenever you go now, you can hear, ” the latest news” about those, and many other subjects. But hey, stop for a second. Think for yourself, instead of just listening to this information. What good is this bringing you? Do you feel any better, knowing that there are several infections? Does the information that fuel prices will go up, makes you feel good?

I can somehow understand these people. They like to worry, I was like that for a long time. I just have had enough of this. I just could not handle this anymore. It was a very exhausting way of living, believe me. Well, you do not have to. Just look at your life, if you worry, how are you feel at the end of a day? Wait, wait. How are you feel when you just wake up? Aren’t you exhausted straightaway? The reason is that you are worrying too much, my friend. You are overthinking all these situations and events, that happening in the world. Even when you sleep, your subconscious works. And guess what. It works on the thoughts you had through the day and just before you fall asleep.

So now, I want you to ask yourself. Will, that you are worrying, make any changes, to world situation? So why do you do that to yourself? Prices change all the time, same as a level of water in the ocean. It is a natural part of our lives. And it is out of your control. Sometimes you have some things more, other times less. You can not control some things. You are not god and have no power over some situations. So, should you worry? Will that change anything? Would not be better, to have an attitude that, no matter what will happen out there, you are a strong and smart person? And you can handle that?

Consider this. What is actually the meaning of the troubled times? Was in the history a time that whole population would agree and could call trouble-free times? I don’t think so. How about you? Life is changing all the time. It is moving and evolving, this way or another. And you are here to make the most of it. To learn how can you adjust yourself. Your thinking and acting, to those changes, these new situations. Finding new solutions. Making better decisions. Instead of complaining and worrying, make the best of your life. Use your wisdom and strength, to handle, the best way you can, these passing by troubles, and live your life the way you love.

Blessings upon you my friend.


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