True meaning of “I TRY”

True meaning of “I TRY”

Today I have heard from two separate sources, about society misuse of the word “try”. We often say I will try to do something. For example, I lose some weight, exercise more, drop smoking, I’ll get a driving license, etc. However, saying that you TRY to do anything, straightaway set your plan as a failure. On the subconscious level, there are just two ways. You do something or not. Either, you commit to your plan and do whatever is necessary, or you don’t, you give it up. Using word try, automatically set you to the second option.

Subconsciously you know, that, whatever you want to TRY, It means that you actually don’t care really about the outcome. And you will fail. So if your goal is an important matter for you, instead of trying – Commit to it. This way you will reach it. Because commitment means, that you really believe, and you are ready to engage and act to achieve your goal.
In conclusion, be careful when and how you use the word “TRY”. If the thing is important for you, better use word commit. And really mean it.


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