Trust the flow

Trust the flow

Would you try to change the flow of the river? Would you stand on the riverside and yell at it that you don’t like it? Would You demand that river to change the way it behaves? Change it current. Or anything at all.

I don’t think so. You are aware that this will not change anything. The river will flow its usual way. The only thing that may change is that you might lose your voice.

So why you fight with the rivers of your life? Why you have demands to it? Why do you expect that life will execute your orders? And why you think that your well-being depends on that?

Look at this from above. Realise that river, flows the way it wants. The way the ground leads it. To easier achieve its goal, which is a sea, or ocean.

Life does the same. It flows the way it wants. To its higher goal. Which you might not know it yet. And this is actually your job. Learn to trust that this end is the best for you. That there is a higher power watching over you and your life.

So leave the things you have no control, no power over them. Concentrate on things you can do. On things you can change, improve. And allow life to flow to the port of your destiny.


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