Trust the process

Trust the process

In some moment in your life, you might feel under great pressure. Like you’re in darkness. Pressed by the circumstances or somebody. You might even feel crushed.

This is a normal thing. Most likely you already go through that kind of event at some point in your life. And, probably, you will have to go through again. A bit different in a bit different context of life. My point is that this thing happens. Accept that.

However, you have to know a little secret about those situations. It is very important, that you will not sit and cry over this. Oh, I am so unhappy, unlucky, why that happened to me.

Think about that. To make wine, grapes need to be crushed. To release the oil, olives need to be pressed. Seeds grow in darkness. And my personal favourite. Diamonds form under great pressure.

Every time you feel under pressure. Pressed, crushed or in a dark place. Think of this situation as a place in which you go through a powerful transformation. So you became better, stronger.

You might not know yet, how it will help you or in what way. You don’t have to. Just trust it. The universe will not give you fall without giving you an opportunity to rise. Have faith. Everything will be just great.


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