Truth verification.

Truth verification.

Did you, at some point in your life, said or do something, just to look better in someone’s eyes? Most likely, that happens automatically. And just then, you realise that it was actually a lie, a fake? That it was not a real you?

Life love to put us in situations that verify our conscious beliefs and show us what is the truth.

For example, someone might ask you to help him to get somewhere very early in the morning. Let say at 6 am. In response, you say that this is no problem as you always getting up at 5 am.

And at that moment, you realise that you actually not always do this. Sometimes you sleep till 7, 8 or even 9 in the morning. You say this most likely to make the impression, that you are a great person, that gets up early every day. You lie.

But relax. No one will judge you. You do not need to whip yourself because of that. We, human, do this just to feel better.

Now, when you realise the truth. Just go back to the beginning. Make a decision, commitment that you will stick to the truth and avoid lies. As lies, sooner or later will return to you like a ricochet.


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