Two sides of the coin.

Two sides of the coin.

Every situation has two sides, like a coin. There is a dark and bright side. From you depends on which side of it you will focus. Consciously you might say that you want to and you do focus on the bright side. But are you really?

Let say that you stuck in traffic. What are your thoughts, your feelings about that? Are you relaxed and do not pay to much attention to what happened? Focusing only on driving safely to your destination. Or maybe, even now you feel a rush of annoyment or even anger, just thinking about that.

I know that this situation might not be nice nor desired. And you might have a difficulty to find something positive in it. But let’s try this together. If the traffic is caused by accident, you might be glad that you are safe. That it was not you. Of course, it is sad that someone else gets hurt, but you might thank the God, universe, the higher instance for saving you that distress.

If the traffic is not caused by the accident, you might think a bit in future. This is my favourite, and believe that because of traffic you might avoid something bad that could way for you. Or that this way you might see something that you most likely would not notice otherwise.

There is always something good, positive and bad, negative in every life situation. Remember about that and remind yourself about this always to focus on the bright side. This way, you will enjoy your life even more and the Universe, seeing this, will send your way more occasions to be happy.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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