Unbuckle from your attachments.

Unbuckle from your attachments.

People tend to grab some idea and hold it, with all their power. Months, years past nothing change but they still hold to that thought.

Are you like this? Are you hooked up to your plans, thoughts, ideas, so much that you can not and do not want to let them go? Are you 100% sure that this is the best option for you? Or maybe this is just an illusion? Induced by your desire and longing.

It is good to be stubborn. Yes. Sometimes.

But from time to time it is good to let go. Practice unbuckling, from your attachments. To get a better perspective. Submit your soul, to the God, Greater Power, Instance, Universe, call it whatever you like, and ask for the best guidance for you.

For a one day stop overthinking, planning, preparing. Just observe your surroundings. Listen to the sounds of nature. Look at the beautiful blue sky, green meadow, forest or hills.

For a one day, release yourself from thoughts most of the society has. Allow yourself to just be.

Let your thoughts fly to space beyond known. To regroup, find a purpose, sens and then come back to you with new energy. Refreshed and charged by the wisdom from beyond your human understanding.


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