Use the power of positive thoughts.

Use the power of positive thoughts.

Many times in your life you might have occasion to experience the power of your thoughts. Equally the positive and negative ones. How and when? I assume, that you have not even thought about this, this way. However, when you see something you either have a positive or negative thought about that thing. Let say you see a beautiful car. The one that you have always dreamed of. You would love to have it. You can imagine yourself having a ride in it, enjoying the trip. But then, you see the price of that car, which in your opinion is a white-day robbery. Immediately, your thoughts are redirected to a negative side.

There are many similar examples of this. You might start to think about something you really like. And then something just catch your eye and redirect your thoughts to the contrary. Like a horrendous price of this thing or a little defect you spot. If you will stick to this kind of behaviour, you will be experiencing this kind of situations all the time. When you will focusing your thoughts on negative aspects, more of them will come to you. You will attract and experience more situations that are negative and makes you unhappy. Like with the example above, you will see more and more things you can’t afford. Effect – your thoughts will be more and more sad, unhappy and you will be more stressed.

I am sure that this kind of thoughts and feelings, are not the ones you desire. I know also that you do not deserve to feel this way, to have a bad and unhappy life. You deserve to live a life you love, full of joy, happiness and satisfaction. Would you agree? Do you also want this for yourself? Good! So now, let us think, what you need to do, to enjoy that kind of life. What do you think? What could you do, to enjoy your life? How can you make it more satisfying? More fulfilling? More enjoyable? The simple answer is to stop focusing on the things that make you feel sad. Taking the example with a car, sure notice the price, as it is unavoidable not to. Though, focus your thoughts on the pleasure of having it. On joy that will bring you driving it. On all aspects that make you feel happy about this car.

Similarly, when you focus your thoughts on the positive aspects, you bring more and more of them into your life. By focusing on good things you attract them to you. By thinking positively you start to feel better. And you feel good, you are emitting the frequency, that says I am feeling good, bring me more things to feel even better. And the universe will respond accordingly to your request. Sending you more things to feel good. It will align the events and people to bring you everything, that will increase your happiness. So, use your power, the one you have, the power of your thoughts. Focus on the positive aspects, on things that make you feel happy and in love with yourself and life. And attract all good things into your life, to enjoy it and live it at its best.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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