Use your assets effectively.

Use your assets effectively.

Do you like doing what you are currently doing? I mean do you like your job, your profession? Is it satisfying? Fulfilling? Or you just do it cause it brings you money? Or maybe cause it was something your parents, other relatives, told you to do it. Convince you that this is a great opportunity. That you should do it. That you can not miss it. That it will bring you money, power and other things you might desire. Are you good at what you doing? Or you struggle with this every day. Like you are pretty good but you do not really enjoy it. You need to force yourself to actually get up and do your job. Is it your job? Or a great adventure, a fun that bringing you satisfaction and money? How fit you are in what you doing for a living?

The above questions are important for everyone. From answers to them, you will find out better what kind of person you are. You will learn about yourself. This, then, will help you to see if you are on the right track. If you are heading toward your happiness and fulfilment in life. Is not that what we all desire? Is this something you would like to achieve as well? I know it is nice to achieve some price, be noticed and respected. Though is that what you really desire? Is that the only thing? This might brings you happiness and enjoyment, true. Though, is that all? How can you find your sweet spot? Your fulfilling and satisfying, dream job?

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Well, to achieve that, you need to sit for a while and do self-analysis. I know it might sound scary and unpleasant. You might laugh at this idea, picturing right now yourself resting on the couch, when second you sit on the armchair and ask questions. Yes, this might be funny. And that’s perfectly fine. Play that game. Make it fun. This way, you will be relaxed and it will be easier, for you, to find the answers. Quite important ones. So you need to ask yourself. What is that I like to do? What I am good at? What are my strengths, skills and abilities? Am I using them in my life? In my work? The answers might surprise you because usually, we are not doing, what we are good at. Nor what we like to do. I hope this is not the case with you.

When you find your strengths, focus on them. Build your career on them. This will make your life easier, simpler. By this more satisfying and effective. But, what if you are, for example, good at maths, though you love to sing or dance? Yet, you are not really good at this? Sure thing, you can work hard and finally get improved at the thing you are not good at but you are passionate about. It will be a lot of hassle and hard work. Will require a lot of self-discipline and willpower. Though, the satisfaction after you succeed will be incredible. Your self-esteem will boost up, you can not even imagine. And I fully support you with that. I understand and respect people who are ready to follow their dreams. Even, if at the start, this is not the easiest thing to do. And usually, it is this way.

However, if you know, you miss discipline and willpower, you might want to consider using the skill you are good at. Focus on the skills and abilities that are your natural gifts. Build your career on them. This way you use far less energy to improve in them, to become excellent. You will be more efficient and effective in doing something you are good at. But what about the thing you like to do? What if you really like to write songs, dance, paint, whatever? Still do that. Put all passion into this and do it for fun, in your spare time. Treat it as a hobby. A thing that relaxes you, makes you smile, makes you happy. Gives you motivation and inspiration to do the thing you are good at. This way you effectively use your assets and that will lead you to a happier and more satisfying life.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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