We all are supernatural – book kudos

We all are supernatural – book kudos

Recently I’ve come across the book by Dr Joe Dispenza “Becoming supernatural”. I have just started to read it. But from what I read till now it is very promising.

Dr Dispenza explains the power we all have in us. To which we have access. But not too many know how to, actually, get to it and how to use it.

In the real-life examples, he shows how we can connect with that power and use it to heal, to have an impact on the world, to live now and be able to achieve anything is our goal. Even if this might sound like a fairy tale, he uses the scientific results of his research to prove it.

He explains in that book, what is the coherence of heart and mind. How to work with it, how to get in that state, and what we can get from it.

There is a lot of interesting information in that book. At least from what I have read so far. I’ll share more insight from that book later. For now, if you would like to get your copy you can find it at BookDepository or Amazon.


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