Welcome uncertainty in your life.

Welcome uncertainty in your life.

Most of the society try to avoid uncertainty in their life at all costs. We love to be sure about things. Ambiguity in anything, creates in us feelings such as anxiety, fear, being under pressure. As you see the state of uncertainty, even when just talked about it, associate with negative feelings. And I assume you do not like to feel this way. By this, you do not like the uncertainty as well. Correct me if I am wrong. But then, how many times, did you not say a word in a bad situation, just to avoid awkward discussion? How many times, did you not act, just because you were not sure about the effect? How many times, did you hide, when the situation was overwhelming?

This kind of behaviour is neither bad nor good. It is what it is, no judgement. However, is this state, this feeling of uncertainty, really so unpleasant to avoid it at any cost? Let us think about that for few minutes. What the uncertainty gives you? What it provokes? Is it all but beneficial? Well, it is true, that a deep state of uncertainty, might create chaos. It might and, surely, it will create a lot of confusion, and stress. And this is something, I am sure you do not desire. And by all means, you should avoid this state. As it brings more damage than benefits. It is harmful to you, to your mental and physical health. It impacts your relationships, your work, all areas of your life.

Though, being on the edge of uncertainty can bring you many benefits. How is that, you wonder? What is that edge? The edge of uncertainty is a place you might not like as well. Despite this, this the place where you grow. It is just one step out of your comfort zone. It is the place in which you learn new ideas. Where you create and invent new great things. And by this, you have a feeling of found purpose. Even more, on that edge, just a little step out of your comfort zone, you discover richness, harmony and passion. It is here, where the greatest of human inventions and discoveries, were made.

So, how can you find that edge? How can you live on it? You can do this with a few simple steps. Every day, find something that you are afraid of doing it. Like recording a video for your channel. Making a first contact with a potential customer. Starting a conversation with someone attractive. Pick just one of that kind of task. Remind yourself, why it is so important for you to do it. Then spend 10-15 minutes on it. Focus on it and put your whole heart, into this task, during that time. This way you expand your comfort zone boundaries. At the same time, you grow and learn how to embrace obscurity, with all its attached characteristics. As always, be compassionate and treat yourself with love and understanding. Trust in your abilities and have faith that, no matter what, you can deal with that temporary uncertainty.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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