What access do you grant to the events?

What access do you grant to the events?

I assume that you all have and use a smartphone. Or at least you know a thing or two about them. All smartphones have installed little pieces of software called applications or app for short. You can install some yourself, chosen by you, needed for you.

Most likely, when you run a new app for the first time, it asks you for getting access to some of your phone features or other apps. For example to get access to your contacts, photos, location to mention just a few. It is you who decide if you grant this access or not.

It is exactly the same how our lives work. Every new event in our life is like a new app. You can’t control appearing of that event. Same like you can’t control the development of a new app unless you the company owner.

However, you have the power to decide to what kind of resources from your life will this event have access. Will you allow it to change your heart or manipulate your emotions, change your mood? This is completely up to you.

No event itself can change anything in your life, in the way you are feeling or in your value system. If that happens to you, it means you give full access, with no restriction, to all your emotions, feelings, life.

Fortunately, you are not doomed to this decision. You can take back that access and restore balance in your life. When someone is mean to you, you just can treat that as not wanted app and restrict access to your mood and life.

Remember that you are in control of what impact, on you, have events that happen in your presence.


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