What confidence means?

What confidence means?

Are you lacking confidence? How are you feel when you are in a new place? In a new group of people? Are you cocky? Boldly trying to show, how good you are? Is that what confidence means to you? What when someone trying to undermine your opinion? Your beliefs and knowledge? Are you getting mad, feel threatened or maybe you are confused and worried? Do you start arguing with that person, trying at all costs to show that you are right? Getting more and more furious, when they, stubbornly, refuse your reasoning. What about a situation, when you are lacking some knowledge? Are you ashamed to admit that? Or even worst, you are trying to lie your way through?

What do you think is confidence? How confident people behave? For some time in the past, I was thinking, that confidence means, that you need to be the loudest in the crowd. The boldest person. The one who knows everything and has answers to any question, objection or accusation. And it has it, straight away, just like that, as if it knows the answer before the question was asked. I wasn’t like that. Even worst. Sometimes it took me, literally days, before I know how to answer the question or accusation. I still do not like to rush with answering. I prefer to rethink my answer a few times, reassuring myself, that this is exactly, what I want to communicate.

How about you? Are you fast with answering? Hurrying to show others, how wise and excel you are? Trying to be, the number one expert, in every place, every situation, every area of knowledge? I observe many people in many situations for a long time. And I realise one simple, yet a bit obscure truth. Which, I am sure you know it as well. Maybe you just don’t want to, for some reason, admit it. But that’s ok. That is your choice. And no one can or should, try to change your opinion. Anyway, that truth. It simply jumps at me at some point. I don’t remember, where or when, it was exactly. Though it was like a lightning strike. What was it? Would you like to know? What do you think?

Exactly, the person which is the loudest, the most brilliant, the shiniest, in the group of people, is the less confident. By all these manifestations, it just tries to cover up, its lack of self-confidence. Now when you read about it, you might remind yourself of many situations and see them from a different perspective. Seeing through the disguise of those bold, cocky people. Next time, when you will be in a group, look around you. You will straight away recognise, who, just trying to hide its shortages, behind that obtrusive behaviour. And who is really confident in there. It will be the calmest and composed person. One, who would not be afraid, to admit that it might not know something, but is curious and willing to learn more. One, who would not be afraid to admit that it fail or make mistake. Knowing that this is a natural part of life, of learning and growing.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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