What flexibility means?

What flexibility means?

A lot of people have a set of rules that cannot be changed or adjusted. That’s something they are proud of. And that’s perfectly fine. If you are one of those kinds of people, good for you. But this kind of stiffness, in holding to the scheme, might and probably is making your life very difficult. Am I right?

When you hold on to your rules and behaviours, you are making your life experience very limited. And in fairness, this is harmful and unnatural as well. Do you disagree with that? That’s ok.

But check this out. Look at the trees. Wherever you will be, no matter the place on the earth, every tree sway in the rhythm of the wind. No matter how huge and mighty it is, it always swings in the wind’s direction.

It is not saying – O I am bigger, stronger, more important and everyone has to subordinate to me. They kind of knew they were part of the world and they obey the same laws as anyone. So is no point to exaggerate their existence. Or state that rules and laws are for others not for them. And so, of course, it is great if you have your rules and follow them.

Though, be smart and flexible according to the situation you are in. It does not mean that you need to bend or break your rules and do something against your beliefs or will.

Rather, do not stubbornly hold to your thinking just on principle or to win. Be flexible in your life. This will give you the freedom to make better decisions and find a non-schematic solution.


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