What good is in suffering?

What good is in suffering?

Today I would like to talk about suffering. We all try to avoid situations unpleasant to us. Situations in which we suffer. We all want to have an easy and happy life. Without troubles and anything that increase our anxiety and stress. Right? Would you agree with that?

So, why you, as so many people in the world, often find yourself in such situations? Why, even if you have a quite good life, you suffer. Even more, you search for that kind of circumstances. That’s right. You are searching for things and situations that make you suffer. Sometimes you do this consciously. More often, though, it is unconscious doing. How? When?

Well, this happens every time you are unhappy with your current situation and you are willing to change it. For example, you might be overweighted. You know what needs to be done. And you decide to do it. Consciously you decide to get and follow a diet and training routine. Subconsciously you decide to suffer. As you might need to drop some old, unhealthy, yet enjoyable, habits.

Or, you are disappointed by your work. So, you decide to quit it and start your own business. You might be aware, that this might not be easy. That you will need to do, some unpleasant things. But, you make your mind, as you know, what benefits this will bring you at the end. You are focusing yourself on the end result, not on the stuff in between.

In all these situations, you are choosing some actions. You are deciding to do something. Consciously, you are focusing, on the end result. Sometimes forgetting about all the unpleasantries attached to these actions. You are aware of them. You just decided to not focus on them. Subconsciously, you decide to go through the pain. as you know, deep in you, what benefits this will bring you.

You are doing this, knowing one thing. That, if you would like to achieve something. If you would like to change something in your life. And we are not talking about little changes. We are talking about those big life transformations. The ones that, in the end, improve your whole life. In many different areas.

So, you are aware, that the process might not be completely suffer-free. That, you will need to leave your comfort zone. That, you will have to do some work, that might not be entirely enjoyable. But you are focusing on the end result. On what this suffering will bring you. How you will improve yourself when you go through it.

Either consciously or subconsciously, you are aware that this is just a temporary thing. That, you can not actually transform, grow without this pain. That it is necessary and unavoidable if you really want to change something in your life. That this is an essential part of becoming a better version of yourself.

So, now, you know that you, yourself, are choosing the circumstances that make you suffer. You do this, knowing that, in the end, you will gain more than the whole suffering was worth. You will become stronger, wiser, richer. A person with a great body. A person satisfied and fulfiled by the work you are doing. A person who enjoys life and lives it on its terms.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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