What is a mindset, can it be changed?

What is a mindset, can it be changed?

Recently there is a lot of talks, articles and so on about mindset. But what it is? Can the mindset be changed? How different types of mindset affect your life? Let us find the answer together?

What is mindset?

So, now, what is the mindset? Simply said, it is how you think and what you believe about your abilities, intelligence and talents. It is the way you are perceiving yourself. Your abilities to perform, especially with something new, unknown or challenging. How can you find out what is your mindset?

Just think for a second, How am I reacting, when I need to learn something new? Let say a new language. What am I saying and thinking? Is it – No, I can’t do it. I just can not remember the words. It is impossible, for me, to learn this. Or rather it is – Let’s do this. This is so exciting. I can’t wait for an occasion to use that knowledge and talk with some locals.

What about, when you face some challenges? Are you up to it? Are you ready to go for it? Willing to experience something new and gain from that experience as much as you can? Or you straight away dismiss any tries, believing that there is nothing you can do about it? Listening to your croaker giving you all the reasons why you can not do this.

Do you believe, that you were born with a certain set of skills and intelligence? That no matter what will happen in your life, this can not be changed in any way? If you believe, that your skills and intellect is inborn and can not be modified, you are in a group of people with a so-called fixed mindset.

On the other hand, if you think, that, yes, you came to this world with some talents, true. However, you can improve them, or even develop a new one. Acquire new knowledge and expand your abilities and wisdom. If you face some issue you will explore possibilities searching for a solution to it. This approach means, that you are in a group of people with a growth mindset.

How it affects you?

But what this actually means for you? How this might affect your life? Is there anything that can be done? These are very good questions. So what it means for you? Depending on your mindset your perception of the situation will be different. You will either see everything new as a chance to learn, explore new possibilities and grow. Or as a challenge that is beyond your abilities. Not even worth it to try.

The first will make your life experience an amazing adventure. Even if you might fail sometimes, you get up, draw the conclusion, adjust your action and do it again. Over and over until you succeed. Actually enjoying the whole process, that cycle of failing, learning, adapting, investigating. Making a fun game of all this and in the end, filling greater satisfaction and fulfilment.

The latter one, well you know that already, isn’t it? Life will be an enormous effort. Everything outside of what you know, outside of your comfort zone, will be seen as dangerous, difficult and impossible to achieve. Most likely, you will be more concerned about, how people see you? What do they think about you? And be afraid that you are disappointing them all the time.

How can you transform it?

Now, can you do something about that? Can mindset be transformed? The simple answer is yes. The question is are you willing to do this? If you have a fixed mindset, you might not want to, or not believe that you can do this. And this is OK. It is how it is, no judgment. Though, think for a sec. What this kind of belief is giving you? What benefits you have from holding to it? Why you hold to this so dearly? Would you not want to enjoy your life more?

I understand that for a fixed-mindset group, it might look impossible. Even scary. But you get to this point, so somewhere, deep in you, you are fed up with this fixation. You have a little hope that it can be done. That you can do it. That you can transform and improve your life experience. And I can assure you, yes you can. You have all that it takes already in you.

But how? Here is a little tip. Whenever you facing a challenge, criticism or setback, listen to that croaker voice in your head. And when it starts, remember you are in charge, you have a choice. Will you believe him or will you talk back to it? Starting to calm this voice down, explaining to yourself, that yes this is something new. Maybe looks scary, but you are more than able to do it. In case, you do not know something, you can look it up.

But what if I fail? What if people will point out my failure and laugh at me? I share with you a secret. We all failing. We are failing approximately 80 per cent of the time in our life. This is the natural and essential part of life. And people will talk about you, laugh and point you out, no matter what you will do. As my friend is often saying, – If people don’t talk about you, pinch yourself, to check if you are alive.


Concluding this, we recognise two mindsets, fixed and growing. People with the first mindset, believe they came with an inborn set of skills and this can not be changed. The other group believe that they can develop and grow any skills and abilities they want or need. You can transform your mindset by talking to your saboteur convincing it to your decision. In a case, you would like to learn more and find out how I can help you with this transformation, send me a message using the links below.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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