What is life?

What is life?

What is life? Did you ever wonder about that? Is it the past? Or actually your thoughts about it? How, can you be sure, that those thoughts are not altered by your emotions? Maybe life is your future? But do you have access to it? Do you know for sure what it brings to you? How it will look like?

You have memories of your past. But those are just thoughts. And as I said more-likely those thoughts are distorted by your emotions. You might have some idea about your future. But you have no access to it. You do not know what it brings for sure.

Your life is simply, this moment. This second, minute, now. With all colours and shapes. With your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Those three create life. And with them, you can influence your life. Your reality by action You can choose what will you do with your life and shape it how you want it to be.

Your life will be good if you consciously choose to experience it in a positive way. Feed your mind with positive, worthy things. Your life will be good if you will share the goodness that is within you. Question is, will you choose it to live your life this way?


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