What is your talent?

What is your talent?

You have talent. You are talented. Yes, you. No matter where you were born. No matter what is your skin colour, body shape, education level, job or status. You are an amazing individual, with amazing and unique skills. The only thing is you might not be aware of your talent.

You might not yet find what it is. Even worst, you might not believe that you have one, so you do even not try to find it. And simply rule if you do not seek, you most likely not find it. Hard to believe that you are talented?

I don’t know about you, but in my environment, if you would not have education, certs on the wall and a title in front of your name, you would not be considered a talented person. Someone actually, has to confirm that you can do that what you can do. That you have some skill, some talent.

Ridiculous, don’t you think? Why someone else needs to decide and approve the talent you have? Who gave this person the right and power to do this? How, this person can be sure that she or he, does not make mistakes?

The world is full of examples where some authority state that another person is not talented to perform some work. And yet those people become famous in the world. The thing is, they knew their talent, they found it and with joy, they work on it to improve it, no matter what others were saying.

The same is with you. If you don’t know your talent, look for it. Find something that gives you pleasure, and makes you happy. And then work on this to improve it, to be better and better. This way, you will have happiness and harmony in your life.

Be positive, be blessed, peace out.


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