What is your true happiness in life?

What is your true happiness in life?

How old are you? Twenty? Forty? Or maybe sixty? What are your beliefs? Does your age mean that you can not or should not do some things? That you are excluded from some forms of activities? Or that you should not wear some clothes as their not appropriate for people of your age? Is being in some age group, means that you need to feel and behave, according to some social expectations? Seriously? Do you believe in that? Why? Because people say so?

Don’t you think this is weird and kind of nonsense? That this whole thing, with being in some age group means that you can not do some things? And that, you should act, feel and even look, the way to fit in the frames society set? Why is this kind of thinking so strong in you? And the rest of the people as well. What this kind of thinking gives you? What do you get, from this kind of behaviours and beliefs?

Well, for sure, you will be accepted by society. You will fit in, to their way, of seeing the world. Though, most likely, the price you must pay for that is very high. How is that? Look at that. Let say you are forty. You should have a house, a nice car. A wife and at least one child. Maybe a mortgage or at least some loans. And of course, a good, stable job, paying your bills and let you live keeping some standards. Do not forget, that the clothes you wear, should be of a good brand. Also about some holidays in tropical countries, at least once a year.

Now, I know those are good-to-have things, at least some of them. But, are those things necessary to have? To live a full life? To enjoy it every minute, hour, day of it? Can you be happy without them? Do you really need to have a huge house, with a lot of expensive items and tools, you rarely use, to be happy? Do you have to have, the most expensive or fastest, or fanciest car in the town, to be happy? Do you really have to spend time comparing things, holidays and so on, with others, to prove to them and yourself, that you fit into the group?

Think about that. If that is really, what you want and desire? If this is really, something that is coming from your heart? Or maybe, you get yourself into the race, all people are in? Not sure why you do it? Not sure why, progressing on that career ladder, buying new items, going to another holiday’s, actually not makes you happy? Not knowing why it does not fill the emptiness in your heart? Looking for another thing to acquire. Another goal to accomplish, to be accepted by society.

In reality, the truth is very simple. Yet you need to want to look for it and want to accept it. And this is the hardest bit. To have that willingness to search and accept the truth. As it means some effort and changes. Means that, you might start to look odd, in other people eyes. Yet, I hope you will find that readiness, wisdom and strength to look at, what is YOUR truth. What really makes you complete and happy. I wish you that from whole my heart.

Blessings upon you, my friend.


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