What is your why

What is your why

We all want to succeed. We all want a happy and comfy life. Without worries, debts, unpaid bills. A life, full of joy, wealth and peace of mind. Right?

In searching for that kind of life, most of us tried different ideas. Without or with a little success. However, this did not give us the desired results.

Why’s that happen? You may ask. What am I doing wrong?

To achieve success in any area we need to do a few things.

First and foremost, we need to find our true WHY. Some goal, that will scare us a little, but most importantly, it will give us a boost, to do whatever is necessary, no matter how we feel or what obstacles we have to overcome.

Secondly, we need to be consistent and persistent. Our WHY will help us with this as well. It will keep us going, motivate us to focus rather on it, on that WHY, than on the bitter aspects that might appear.

Find you WHY. Write it down and read it at least twice a day. Put all your positive emotions in that reading. Imagine it. Live in it.


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