What learning can mean for you?

What learning can mean for you?

Hello, Tribers.
Have you heard students finishing school saying – Finally, the learning is over? Or maybe you have heard the saying – We learn our whole life, yet we die stupid? What learning can give you? How can it help you? Why you might want to learn? Isn’t too late for you to learn? How to choose a subject and learning style? Check the following material…

What does learning mean to you?

So, how it was with you? When you finished school. Did you also told to yourself – Never again? No more studying? No more learning? Or maybe you’ve said – Now I can study things, that I am interested in? Or maybe you straight away started to search for something new to learn? Perhaps something that was extending knowledge you gained during just finished schooling. Do you like to learn new things or just extend your knowledge in already acquired subjects?

You know, I am not here to judge you, nor tell you what you have to or need to or should do. It is your life and your decisions. It is you, who make them the way that suits you. And it is you, who will need to live with the consequences of your decisions. No matter how, discouraging that might sound, cheer up. Any of your decision is and will be good. Of course, if you do not harm anyone in any way during that process. And if you will set your mindset to think about your decisions in that way.

Secondly, I am not advocating for or against formal education. It has its cons and pros, like everything in life. However, let’s just think for a second. Are you really, stopping learning when finishing school? Is that true? Isn’t that true, that at this moment you actually starting learning, but in a different way and on other terms? Sure, you might consider going to another school or making some courses to increase your qualifications. But there is also another learning that you do. Sometimes you might even not be aware of it. Every experience you are going through is a lesson, an opportunity to learn. Either a new skill, new knowledge, or something about yourself.

Why you might want to continue learning?

I know and I can easily understand your aversion to learning, as to be fair schools are not really doing a great job with this. Education forces us to learn things that, we, most likely will never use in our life. It is ok if you liked some of that knowledge. For example, I always liked ancient Greek and, partially, Roman, history. But hey, I have never actually used this knowledge. Right, maybe a few times in crosswords or some games, but it was just for fun. I don’t know, maybe I will need it, at some point in future but, honestly, chances for that to happen are very slim.

However, don’t you think, that, going through life, ignoring every kind of new knowledge or skill, makes your life a bit lacking something? No matter how much, this might be appealing to you, which by the way is ok, don’t you think, that learning new stuff, can be fun? I am not saying all new things will bring equal joy and satisfaction. Some things can be really boring for you, no matter how nice they will be served. You just might not want to learn them. That’s fine. But, there are things, that you might be curious about. You might be actually willing to learn those on your own.

Nevertheless, there might be many reasons when you will be actually forced to learn something new. Not always something interesting for you. Sometimes, life might force you to do so, by a vision of losing your job, if you do not increase your qualifications in your area. Or by the necessity of changing the course of your profession. However, this is not always the case. If you like what you do, this knowledge might be interesting for you. Secondly, even if not, you might, from whole that gibberish, you will need to go through, pick up one, important for you, information.

How to choose a subject and learning style?

So, how can you decide what to learn? How can you make your own decision? Not one forced on you by your boss or some circumstances. How can you make learning enjoyable and exciting, even if forced on you? Is this possible? Can you somehow make the learning, either chosen by you or for you, more interesting? What do you think? Please, share your opinion in the comments. I am very keen to read what you think about that.

But, now, you choose your school, your education path, using some factors. It might be, that you have chosen it, just because it was close, or far away, to where you lived. Maybe you knew what would you like to learn and do in your life and you select your path on this basis. Maybe it was, that you have listened to the suggestions of your relatives and “chosen” something to make them happy. Or purely you selected the knowledge that will help you earn good money.

Either way, you started and possibly finished some stage in your life. Now you can either allow others to choose for you or suggest to you, what needs to be your next step. Or you can decide for yourself, listening to your heart and following its call. Of course, remember to connect your heart’s desire with your mind’s wisdom and use that combined power to act upon your chosen path. This way it will be easier for you to stay on this path. Especially in moments of doubt. Know also, that if you find out, that this knowledge, is not really what you would like to acquire, you have the right to rethink and make a new decision.


Briefly, we discover, what learning might mean to you, and why you might want to continue to learn, not only to do this unconsciously or by being forced by circumstances in life. We also identify, how can you choose subjects, that will be interesting for you and that you would happily learn.
I would greatly appreciate it if you would share, in the comments, what interesting and positive you found in this material. Also if you find it interesting please share it with others. I am more than grateful.
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In any case, if you would like to know more or need some support, I would love to help you with this. Just drop me a message.

Blessings upon you my friend.

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